Non breeding Boys






IAR: 122005 Birth Date: 24/7/2007 Colour: Rose Grey/Roan Breed: Huacaya

Bloodlines: Purrumbete Highlander

Sire: Paca Perfect Heath

Dam: NZ Southern Thyme

Shear Details: Oct 2012 Mean 30.8 SD 5.9 CV 19.3

Starman is an older boy who has been castrated.  He was certified as a stud male but unfortunately he failed to get any girls pregnant so is now being sold as a pet.  Starman is halter trained and loves going for walks on the beach.

Price $250 + GST






IAR: 1008630 DOB 10/10/2011   Colour: Solid Light Fawn  Breed: Huacaya

Bloodlines: Windsong Valley Iceman, Purrumbete Highlander, Purrumbete El Dorado

Sire: Silverstream Evaki

Dam: Turi Moana Genoa

Shear Details:  Oct 2012 Mean 21.9 SD 4.7 CV 21.3

Esau has a lovely fleece and would make a good fibre producing male.  He is susceptible to cracked skin around his mouth and nose which seems to be worse in wet weather.  Have tried various remedies but it is recurring.  It doesn’t seem to bother him and he has a healthy appetite.  Esau is halter trained and has been castrated.

$350 plus GST




IAR: 1011741 DOB 2/1/2013  Colour: Solid Medium Fawn  Breed: Huacaya

Bloodlines: Jolimont Sculptor, Jolimont Attitude, Purrumbete Highlander, Purrumbete El Dorado, Peruvian Hemingway

Sire: Silverhill Prince of Beltane

Dam: Silverhill Vivacious

Shear Details:  Oct 2014 Mean 21.5 SD 4.7 CV 21.9 CF 95%

Burton has a lovely fleece and would make a good fibre producing male.  He had a rough start at birth, being starved of oxygen as the placenta was delivered first.  Luckily after an hour he managed to breathe without difficulty and hence his name, which was an expression used during WWII when pilots crashed into the North Sea and were lost. Burton is halter trained and has been castrated.

$500 plus GST



IAR: 1011747 DOB 23/10/2013  Colour: Light Brown/White  Breed: Huacaya

Bloodlines: Jolimont Commisario, EP Cambridge Peruvian Caesar, Purrumbete Sir Titus Salt

Sire: Silverstream G Force

Dam: Silverhill Holly

Shear Details:  Oct 2014 Mean 19.6 SD 4.2 CV 21.4 CF 97.8%

Gemini has a lovely patterned fleece and would make a good fibre producing male.  Handspinners would love this fleece.  The white on his neck is speckled with brown so it looks a bit like 'Cookies and cream'.  Gemini is halter trained but is still entire (i.e. has NOT been castrated.)

$500 plus GST



IAR:  Not yet registered              DOB 10/1/2015  Colour: Solid Black  Breed: Huacaya

Bloodlines:  Canchones Gendarme, Canchones Kenzoki, NWA Ltd Ruffo, Silverstream Governor Grey

Sire: Canchones Ferragamo ET

Dam: Sunsetestate Voila

Shear Details:  Not Available

Voyager has a lovely black fleece and would make a good fibre producing male.  The photo was taken just before he was shorn in Oct 2015 and now he is shorn he is a lovely blue black.  He is not yet halter trained but will be before going to his new home. He is still entire  (i.e. has NOT been castrated), as we don't recommend castrating male alpacas until they are at least 18 months old.

$500 plus GST