Live Birth Guarantee and Re-mate Policy

Our live birth guarantee is the offering of a free re-mate if the dam does not have a viable cria.

Silverhill Alpacas will offer a free remate if:

  • a cria is not born (absorbed, retained CL etc) or
  • cria is born dead (premature, still born, dystocia etc) or
  • cria dies within 7 days of birth

Conditions apply. Every care must be taken of the dam, and the cria, before and during birthing.  Should difficulties occur in the birthing and the cria looks unlikely to survive, please notify us immediately.  It will be at our discretion whether we extend a free re-mate should a full-term, healthy, cria be born alive and die within the week. We expect all due care to be taken of cria.

The free re-mate may be to the same female or a different female of your choice.  The stud male used to service the female may the original male used or any stud male wholly owned by Silverhill Alpacas


Stud Services.

Mobile mating includes the initial visit plus a maximum of two return visits for spit off/re-mating to the same dam.  Further visits to your farm to service the same dam if she fails to get pregnant after three visits may incur a charge of 28c per kilometre.  If your dam fails to get pregnant after 3 visits we may advise you send her to us for on-farm mating. 

On-farm mating includes free agistment for dam and cria at foot for a maximum of 3 months. 

Pregnancy must be confirmed, preferably by visual scan or blood test within 70 days after mating, the cost of which to be borne by owner of dam.  Invoices will be issued once pregnancy is confirmed and payment required within 30 days thereafter.