Female Packages

Mother and daughter Package $1600 inc GST UNDER OFFER

Gilt Edge Miss Demeanour (light fawn) 

DOB 7/2/2009

IAR: 1002042

Sire: Forestglen Illustrious

Dam: Gilt Edge Shenandoah

2022 Shear Mean 23.6 SD 5.3 CV 22.4 CF 89.3%

AND her daughter

Silverhill Vixen (brown)

DOB 1/4/2020

IAR: 1024101

Sire: Silverhill Valiant

Dam: Gilt Edge Miss Demeanour

2022 Shear Mean 18.9 SD 4.7 SD 24.6 CF 97.8%

These two are still very close and I don't want to seperate them.  Although Miss D is an older female she still has a future as a breeding female and Vixen is a maiden with masses of potential.  I can mate one or both of them to any of my stud males for an additional fee.